TOP TRUCK – The General, large and in charge

3 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineMay 22, 2016

The company was started by Snow Pearson back in 1958. It was then known as Stock Transporters Limited and specialised in the cartage of livestock interisland. Over time the work grew to encompass the transport of agricultural machinery and heavy equipment, which soon became their core business.

In 1976 Snow purchased the company ‘s first new Kenworth and now, 40 years on, two of Snow‘s sons, Shane and Robert, have purchased three new 2.8-metre big cab aerodyne K200 Kenworths from Southpac Trucks, with a fourth K200 joining the fleet for owner-driver Harry Otene.

Timaru Signs and Graphics
The graphics on all three STL K200 Kenworths applied by the team at Timaru Signs and Graphics

Once the 6×4 tractor units were assembled, they were shipped from the Kenworth plant in Melbourne to Auckland and on to Chris Stanley at Custom Truck and Chrome Ltd. Chris worked his magic, adding the front mudflap set up, lower grille panel with LED lighting, custom-made stainless sun visor, stainless step in-fills with LED lighting, and a stainless wheel arch flare that extends into the alloy entry foot steps. Our chosen Top Truck of the three, ‘ The General‘, also comes with its own fridge and television.

The General was the first K200 picked up from Auckland by driver Darrell Nawisielski, and was then taken to Timaru Signs & Graphix Ltd for the finishing touches. Once registered the truck was ready to roll north on its maiden voyage with its 20-40 TMC B-train in tow.

Darrell is based in Christchurch and has been driving since he was 18 years of age, starting at Top Contractors in Rotherham, North Canterbury, on a TK Bedford carting stock, hay and silage.

Now on his second stint at STL Linehaul, Darrell is already enjoying pedalling the big K200 north on a regular basis. With an 18-speed Roadranger gearbox and the ISXe5 Cummins engine producing 615hp, Darrell is very impressed with how the Kenworth is performing, running on 50MAX permits.

The TMC B-train, one of two in the fleet, runs on 19.5” wheels, ROR CS9 air suspension with drum brakes and Wabco EBS braking with Wabco SmartBoards.

At the time this issue went to print all three of the STL Linehaul K200 Kenworths were on the road earning their keep for a legendary kiwi company that just keeps on trucking!

The new generation
The new generation