Blue ribbon solution for Hilton Haulage

4 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineAugust 9, 2019

Business Update

Hilton Haulage has grown from humble roots in Timaru into a complex business, with more than 450 staff and in excess of 200 trucks and 250 trailers. They are justifiably proud of their reputation and ability to provide competitive and reliable transport solutions throughout New Zealand to a very diverse client base.

Managing the recent changes in fuel supply arrangements is fleet maintenance manager Scott Paton, aka ‘Scooter‘. 

“There‘s just so much going on here at any one time. To be efficient, everything needs to be coordinated to run like clockwork and that includes fuel and AdBlue management, ” said Scooter. 

“A recent change in fuel suppliers was a massive project but necessary for the company. During this change process I also saw the opportunity to sort out the AdBlue refuelling problems we have had for some time.”

Until recently Hilton Haulage did not have AdBlue refuelling capability in their yards, and as some refuelling stops en route didn‘t provide it, this meant trucks could often run low, potentially resulting in costly and unnecessary downtime.   

Scooter seized the opportunity to improve AdBlue dispensing, control and reporting. Working with AdBlue manufacturer Chempro and Blue Station manufacturer Sebco, several 4800B (4800-litre) Blue Stations with SmartFill GEN 2 fuel management were installed in Hilton‘s transport yards throughout New Zealand.

“SmartFill fuel management was chosen for reliability and reporting,” said Scooter. 

Manufactured in Adelaide, the units are supported here by New Zealand agents Sebco, who have installed in excess of 25 units nationwide. The SmartFill system was designed for the rugged outback conditions and is proving to be just as good here. 

“SmartFill fuel management has allowed us to pull monitoring and management of AdBlue in-house and have total control. The SmartFill system reports to the cloud, allowing access using any web-connected device, with real time reporting 24/7 on AdBlue usage by truck and by driver. The back office loves the simple, concise reporting and customisable formats that make control and back office cost allocation fast and simple,” said Scooter.

“With many inbuilt features, SmartFill is customisable and flexible, but it‘s sometimes the little features that makes life easy, like the online access management that allows key staff to enable driver access to our AdBlue stations throughout New Zealand. Vital when drivers have ‘misplaced‘ their swipe cards. Just the other day I had a call at 5am from a driver who had lost his card. Within minutes we had issued a temporary pin access code, the truck refuelled; easy as.” 

Smart summarises everything about SmartFill and Sebco Blue Stations. 


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