Bubbles Lewis

In Just Truckn Around, February 20211 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineMarch 8, 2021

Bubbles Lewis was enjoying a rare day off at his Foxton Beach home when Faye Lougher dropped in for a chat. Outside was the immaculate 2014 Kenworth K200 with an 18-speed manual Roadranger that he drives for Halls Intermodal. Bubbles was heading off at 4.30am the following morning for a trip to Taranaki and then Mount Maunganui. Like many drivers, Bubbles grew up going for rides with his truck-driving father, which inspired him to follow in the same footsteps. He‘s saddened that today‘s rules and regulations mean kids going for rides in trucks with their parents is a rarity. His job with Halls has him travelling countrywide for Fonterra, dealing in DTL (Dairy Transport Logistics).

Bubbles has been driving trucks for about 36 years and says he loves everything about the job. “I love all of it. I like being out there on the road driving and meeting different people and learning every day.” The main issue with the industry today is one New Zealand Trucking hears often – not enough young drivers, and the fact they are unable to learn from more experienced drivers. “Health and safety rules mean most drivers aren‘t allowed to take passengers, so the young ones lose out.” A choice of Captain Kirk or Mr Spock was instantly decided: “Captain Kirk.”

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