Changes at Long Haul Publications

5 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineMay 24, 2018


                                                                               Tony Orr

This week Long Haul Publications said goodbye to advertising salesman Tony Orr and welcomed his replacement, Heavyn Parsons.

Tony worked for New Zealand Trucking magazine for 24 years and had a wealth of knowledge of the industry. He says he was injected with diesel and a love of trucks from an early age as his uncle used to let him drive his 1418 Mercedes stock unit home empty from the freezing works in the dark.

“I didn‘t even have a car licence then as I was 14. After escaping school as soon as possible I did my mechanics apprenticeship, got my HT, then drove for several rural carriers in Southland. There‘s nothing like rural transport work to teach you the industry and those were the days when you repaired your own punctures!” he laughs.

Tony had bought and sold cars as a sideline and so veered away from truck driving for a while, selling cars here and then in Australia for a while, but says trucks always got the better of him and he ended up driving cement tankers out of Bathurst.

This was followed by a stint in W.A. operating machinery in the goldmines near Kalgoorlie until he returned home in 1990 and settled in Christchurch, slotting back into driving.


“In 1994 I was offered an opportunity to become the South Island advertising rep for Truck Trader magazine. As I had a young family I felt this position would help me see more of them and also utilise my transport industry knowledge and sales skills, so I said yes.”

Tony reminisces how 24 years ago New Zealand Trucking magazine was still run by its founding Kiwi owners, but was soon sold to INL and then to Fairfax Media, both large publishing corporates.

“And now, as things always seem to go full circle, it‘s back in Kiwi ownership again. I‘ve enjoyed working for all the owners and seeing their different perspectives on how to get the job done, but most of all I‘ve enjoyed working with the people in the industry and I would like to thank them all for their loyalty to me and their friendship.”

Tony says trucks still remain one of his passions and he will still be involved in the industry, running his own contracting business and travelling more when time allows.


                                                                               Heavyn Parsons 

Heavyn Parsons took over from Tony on 21 May. For the past 10 years she has been working in sales roles, for everything from large corporates to family owned businesses.

“Sales is much more than just order taking,” says Heavyn. “I love working alongside customers and helping implement their vision and goals within the market.”

Heavyn is a born and bred Westie, but says moving to Pukekohe with her partner in May has been a great move.