ContainerCo battery charger a game changer

In Better Business4 MinutesBy Gavin MyersJuly 18, 2023

New Zealand container storage and servicing company ContainerCo has installed new electric vehicle charging infrastructure at its Auckland site.

ContainerCo, which already has one electric truck, has ordered four new trucks from Kahu EV in Palmerston North, with the first received in April. The company has committed to the deployment of charging infrastructure at three of their sites – Auckland, Napier and Tauranga.

The company engaged with Jump Charging, a specialist in the supply of commercial electric vehicle charging and green hydrogen fuelling infrastructure solutions, who have partnered with YHI New Zealand to offer Siemens DC chargers as an “all in-one” solution.

Brent Batters, ContainerCo, says the project was a couple of years in the making.

“We were early adopters of electric trucks; we had our first one in 2019, a light electric Isuzu. Now we’ve committed to four more medium-heavy units, as well as having three sites with the Jump Charging chargers,” he says.

Jamie Gray, Jump Charging, with Brent Batters, ContainerCo.

“Our electric truck works all day every day, and we are now able to just pull up, the driver has a break, plugs into the charger, and we’re given a good boost to keep going for the rest of the day.

“We can get the battery down to 20% and charge it back up to 80% within around 40 minutes, so compared to the old technology where that would be three or four hours, it’s a game changer.”

The Siemens SiCharge D 160kW charger provides flexibility as the power can ContainerCo battery charger a game changer be split, allowing two trucks to be charged at one time. It can also be easily upgraded to 300kW with the addition of power modules alongside any necessary site upgrades and has the option to connect an extra dispenser, offering four-way DC charging.

Alex Watson, director at Jump Charging, says there was a hole in the commercial space when it came to electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

“Jump Charging was formed to service that space, and we do this in two ways; supporting companies with their transition to zero emissions, whether supplying and installing infrastructure via purchase or finance options, and secondly, deployment of our own public charging network across the country,” he says.

“Whilst we do provide turnkey solutions, we also recognise the value of a truly collaborative approach as demonstrated in this project with ContainerCo.  They already had an EV in the fleet with more on the way prior to engaging with us, as well as a trusted existing site electrician. Jump Charging were able to fill in the gaps and offer ongoing support so that ContainerCo can focus on their day-to-day business,” says Watson.

Jump Charging will support ContainerCo long term, managing and maintaining the charging infrastructure.

The Siemens EV charging range is distributed exclusively by YHI New Zealand. YHI and its specialist integration partners, like Jump Charging, offer nationwide, factory trained installation, commissioning and maintenance services.