DAF Roadshow tours country

In DAF4 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineFebruary 21, 2020

The new DAF CF and XF Euro 6 roadshow tour kicked off from Southpac‘s Manukau headquarters this week, taking the new and highly anticipated range to the customers and letting them have a good look in, over, and around the new trucks

Bringing the new range to New Zealand has been a three-year exercise after the new model was released at the CV show in Birmingham in 2017. It sees yet another Euro 6 offering arrive on our shores, likely three to four years ahead of the standard being mandated here. 

As had been the Euro 6 experience elsewhere, improved fuel consumption is a big upside and DAF claim a 7% improvement on the previous model. 

“DAF has done more than just developing our engines,” said Richard Smart, Southpac GM for sales. “Every single component has been improved in one way or another to contribute to the 7% fuel efficiency improvement realised across the new range.” 

The new trucks sport either the MX11 or 13 engines depending on application and model. There‘s a wide selection of power and torque bands, beginning with the 11-litre motor at 270kW (367hp) and 1800/1900Nm (1400lb/ft) at 900rpm, through to the new high number in the larger displacement motor of 390kW (530hp) and 2500/2600Nm (1920lb/ft).

The venerable ZF AS-Tronic is out and TraXon is in, with both 12- and 16-speed options available. The ZF TraXon brings advantages in operation, flexibility, maintenance, and efficiency e.g. EcoRoll and creep parameters. 

DAF too now claim the safest truck on the road tag, and the DAF has all you‘d expect from a big seven brand out of the continent. The interior is redesigned with improved layout, usability, and classier looks. 

Preparation and support for a new range is key, and Southpac has had three pre-production units in field trials since 2019 and readied their considerable network. Five master technicians have been trained in conjunction with dealer service training, They‘ve invested in two complete Euro 6 training engines and additional diagnostic equipment, and put $1.1 million worth of Euro 6 parts into inventory. 

Southpac has also partnered with TR Master Drive Services and trained 22 driver trainers who will offer six to eight hours free training for two drivers per Euro 6 sale, at the end of which the trainees will earn an NZTA qualification. 

Customers in Rotorua got to check out the new DAF Euro 6 trucks and enjoy the hospitality put on by Southpac Trucks as the national launch roadshow passed through town.

A nice touch on the roadshow tour is the gathering of video footage en-route to the next venue. Played on the big screen throughout the evening, customers see the demonstration trucks travelling through their region. 

“There‘s always PR video from Europe with these sorts of things, but we wanted it to feel real and relatable to the regions,” said Southpac CEO Maarten Durent. 

The roadshow continues to roll on through the country (it‘s in Palmerston North tonight), ending in Invercargill next Wednesday. Contact your local Southpac branch for details.