DAF‘s innovative electric trucks demonstrate the road to the future

In DAF3 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineSeptember 21, 2018

To underline DAF‘s aim to further strengthen its industry leading position in fuel efficiency and low emissions, DAF is exhibiting a full range of Innovation Trucks at the IAA. These include the LF Electric and CF Electric for medium and heavy-duty city distribution, as well as the CF Hybrid for mid-range distribution with zero emissions in urban areas and the best overall efficiency.

The DAF CF Hybrid has been developed for driving electrically with zero emissions in urban areas, while offering a much longer range to operate beyond those urban areas, thanks to the latest, ultra-clean diesel technology. The combination of electric and diesel power ensures the highest logistical efficiency.

It features the 10.8-litre PACCAR MX-11 engine (330kW/450hp), a ZF electric motor (75kW/100hp/peak: 130kW/175hp), in combination with a dedicated ZF TraXon gearbox for hybrid drivelines.

The electric motor is powered by an 85kWh battery pack, which allows for a full electric, zero emission range of 30 to 50 kilometres, depending on the GCW. The batteries can be charged by the diesel engine during on-highway operations, and by using a DC charger at a charging location. The vehicle is designed with a fast charge capability that takes 30 minutes for a full charge and only 20 minutes for a charge of up to 80%.

Outside urban areas, the CF Hybrid is powered by the PACCAR MX-11 diesel engine, where the hybrid technology provides additional fuel savings thanks to the smart energy management. Regenerative energy is captured during braking and when using speed-related controls like Downhill Speed Control and Predictive Cruise Control. This energy can be used by the electric motor to operate in conjunction with the diesel engine to further reduce fuel consumption.

The battery pack of the hybrid system powers the electric driveline, the electric air compressor, as well as the optional intelligent e-PTO. The e-PTO can be used to drive refrigeration equipment on semi-trailers for temperature controlled transportation further enhancing low noise operation.

The first CF Electric trucks will be released into field test operation with leading customers this year and similar field tests are planned to start with the LF Electric and CF Hybrid in 2019.