Doing it together

In May 2021, Trucker's Health3 MinutesBy Laura PeacockMay 2, 2021

Are you self-motivated? If your answer is no, realise that you are not alone, nor there is anything wrong with that.

It can take immense drive and discipline to exercise on your own, especially if you don’t enjoy a particular type of exercise or feel very “motivated” at the time. I put the word motivation in quote marks because I believe motivation is a myth. No one on earth is motivated 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Discipline is the single most important trait to help you complete your training session.

Motivation is like the icing on a cake, and discipline is the flour, baking powder and the foundation ingredients of the cake. I discovered recently after completing a charity event involving almost 20 hours of summit climbing that exercise is much more enjoyable, bearable and doable when you are not alone.

If there is someone you can reach out to and lean on to become your gym buddy, join a sports team with you or go for walks/bike rides, I believe you will find it much easier to stay on track and disciplined with your exercise routine.

At the gym, many people begin as total strangers and end out as good friends as they are in the same boat, on similar journeys, moving toward trying to become a healthier and fitter version of themselves. Think of your mates and family. Is there anyone who springs to mind who might want to join you on a health journey and start exercise sessions with you? Even if it’s just for the first month, to get you into the routine and habit of exercising regularly.

The truth is that no one else minds if you exercise or not; you have to care enough and have enough accountability to make it happen for yourself. But if you have a friend or family member meeting you, you are no longer just letting yourself down if you don’t show up. You are also letting your exercise buddy down – which for most people, is a lot more of a push than just being disappointed in yourself.

Here are some excellent exercises to enjoy with a training buddy:

• Sports involving teams, such as soccer, netball, hockey, rugby, touch, badminton.

• Group fitness classes such as boxing, HIIT training, spin, pump, pilates.

• Leisure activities such as golf, walking, hiking, swimming and bike rides.

• Out-of-the-box training styles such as pole fit, aerial, dance classes, aqua aerobics, reformer pilates.

I challenge you to ask a friend, family member or workmate to join you – try something new. I find that sometimes people write off a style of exercise before they have even tried it – you might surprise yourself and enjoy it.



Laura Peacock – Personal trainer TCA Fitness Club