Electric truck a first for Carr & Haslam

In News1 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineJuly 14, 2021

The Government has accepted a proposal by Carr & Haslam to operate a single unit Fuso eCanter and deliver a growing range of electric vehicles on an electric truck.

The proposal will be co-funded as part of the Low Emission Vehicle Contestable Fund.

“We are aware of the growth of Auckland City, and the desire of Auckland Transport to create a low emissions zone around the city centre,” Carr & Haslam director Chris Carr said.

“Much of the motor industry operates premium vehicle sales and service facilities in this area.”

Carr said the electric truck is a first for Carr & Haslam.

“But it will not be the last. Within ten years the heavy vehicle fleet will change, and we want to learn early, so that we can deliver the most from the new technologies coming our way.”

The unit to be used will be supplied by Fuso New Zealand, who have started deliveries of the first mass production EV truck in New Zealand. The unit is built in Portugal, and uses Daimler Technology.