EV roaming pilot coming to NZ

In News1 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineJuly 21, 2023

ChargeNet, Z Energy and Counties Energy – which operates OpenLoop – are partnering for an EV charging roaming trial in 2024.

The project will develop and trial EV-roaming capability between the three EV charging networks, enabling EV drivers to charge at any of three networks.

The trial has support from the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority.

EV-roaming technology allows EV drivers to access charging infrastructure across different charging networks using a single account, eliminating the need for multiple accounts.

The trial will commence in early 2024 and seeks to develop a comprehensive proof-of-concept for New Zealand’s public EV-charging infrastructure.

By providing trial participants with easy access to all three charging networks, the pilot aims to accelerate New Zealand’s transition to a more sustainable, electrified transportation system.

The trial will investigate the development of technology to support an interoperable system that enables seamless access and payment options for EV owners, across the three service providers.

Kieran Turner, head of EV Charging at Z, said eliminating the need for multiple accounts will streamline the charging experience for EV drivers.

“Our goal is to make it as easy for EV drivers to refuel as it is for those who drive petrol and diesel vehicles.”