Fewer than 30 left! Be quick!

1 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineAugust 2, 2019

(From left) Authors Paul Livsey, Ed Mansell and Grant Gadsby putting together their book that everyone in the industry eagerly awaits.

Work on the pictorial chronology of the first 1000 Mack trucks assembled and registered to work in New Zealand continues apace, with a significant number of the required photo stock secured. 

“It‘s a huge project for sure but progress has been great. We‘re almost at the stage where we know which trucks we need, and can start targeting those trucks,” said co-author Ed Mansell. “We have settled on a layout and we‘re sure everyone will enjoy it immensely.” 

The book will be coffee table styled, hard covered, in full colour, approximately 500 pages in length. “We intend to limit the number to one thousand copies, allowing any Mack owners the possibility of purchasing their truck‘s equivalent book number,” said Ed. 

The book is due for release in 2022 to coincide with Mack‘s 50th anniversary of assembly starting here in New Zealand. The price indication sits at around $135. 

“Interest has been high and we currently have fewer than 30 books left unspoken for, so people need to be quick.” 

To order your copy please email: