First-of-its kind truck wash opens in Christchurch

In News2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineDecember 16, 2022

A first-of-its kind truck wash has opened in Harewood, Christchurch, aimed at making it easier for truck drivers and transport operators to keep their vehicles in top condition.

Auto Self Serve Truck and Car Wash offers a high-pressure underbody wash and presoak, plus a self-serve bay with nine product offerings.

The 28-minute wash includes two minutes for the underbody wash, for $69.

Director Brian Court said the wash is the first of its kind in the South Island.

“It accommodates all trucks that are no higher than 4.2m, which is the legal height. And now that COFs are getting more stringent in wanting chassis cleaned, this makes it a lot easier for operators or owner drivers to keep their vehicles up to a high standard,” he said.

“And it’s great for owner drivers who are very particular about their trucks.”

“The underbody wash has just over 50 blast tech nozzles, as well as side blasters, then the vehicle continues through the wash, where they’ve got 28 minutes on the self-serve bay with everything from engine clean, rinse, soak, splatter wax… There are nine products there that they can use, and finish off with spot free, which is purified water, so any water left on the vehicle doesn’t get a calcium water stain,” Court said.

“All soaps are biodegradable and we recycle a large percentage of the water as well.”

Court said drivers that have been through the wash already are wrapped.

“It’s easy to use and to get around the vehicle. Having nine different products at your fingertips is such a plus,” he said.

“It’s also very quick – a normal truck can be easily washed within that 28 minutes.”

There are two truck bays, five self-serve car/caravans/campervans wash bays and one dog wash. It is open 24 hours.

It is pay as you go, or companies can buy tokens that they can give to their drivers. In January, an app will be launched for the wash where customers will be able to get rewards.