Ford D0910 Custom

In July 2023, Rust in Peace1 MinutesBy Gavin MyersAugust 27, 2023

In January 1982, just as the celebrated Ford D-series was being replaced in Australasia by the Hino Ranger-based N-series, this D0910 Custom entered service.

Today, it sits beside the fence on a section on Saleyards Road, Kauri, long having retired from its former towing duties.

“I bought it from a local chap, who used it as a tow truck. It was a tractor unit then, and I lengthened it to what it is now,” says the current owner. “It’s been parked up for more than 10 years, hasn’t been used for a while…”

While its flatbed deck and flashing lightbar were stripped off a couple of years back, hints of its past remain, such as the roof bar of orange marker lights, hydraulic fluid tank and the winch between the extended chassis rails.

The Ford D0910 Custom was powered by the 5.95L six-cylinder diesel engine that produced a claimed 128bhp (95kW). At a registered tare weight of 4800kg, KL7952 offered up a GVM of 9163kg – all of which would’ve probably done just fine for vehicle-recovery duties of the day.