Forklift sector welcomes a new industry association

1 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineMarch 27, 2018

Members of the Forklift Manufacturers and Distributors Association (NZFMDA) have recently approved changes that will broaden the representation of the forklift sector within New Zealand.

With the new age of technology and increased demand on businesses to be compliant and fulfil the duties related to the supply of plant and equipment, there has been an increased demand for a national association to represent and advocate for the forklift industry within New Zealand.

The New Zealand Forklift Industry Association (NZFIA) will hold an open industry meeting in Auckland 10 April 2018, with the express intentions of presenting a new way forward for the industry body and gaining a better understanding about the needs of industry.

“We need to hear the views of people and companies operating within the industry, this will enable the organisation to plan and prioritise”, says association president Rhys Walter.

The meeting will explain benefits of membership such as access to national and international industry events, industry specific insurance, health and safety systems, industry representation to interact with government agencies (e.g. MBIE, WorkSafe, Standards NZ), promotion of industry careers, products and services.

The NZFIA extends a welcome to all forklift manufacturers, distributors, rental or lease companies, service providers and end users. The meeting will be held at the Sudima Hotel Auckland Airport 10 April 2018 from 10am.

To register to attend the meeting, email the NZFIA –