Foton New Zealand launches three Aumark Euro 5 trucks

2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineSeptember 8, 2017

Foton New Zealand have re-entered the light duty truck market with the launch of the Aumark Euro 5.

It has managed to provide solutions that will appeal to a broad range of customers with just three vehicles, due to the mid-range 1079 having a GVM of 5995kg, meaning it can be driven on a car licence or registered as a 6500kg GVM for added load capacity.

The two other trucks in the range are the entry level 1051 with a GVM of 5650kg and a retail price of $29,715 + GST. The BJ1051 is also available with a tray, job-ready from $29,995 + GST, making this one of the best value new trucks available in New Zealand.

The larger BJ1099 has an 8995kg limit at the top end of the RUC bracket of 6 to 9 tonnes. It also features full air braking (the only truck in its class in New Zealand to do so) and is $39,165 + GST.

Powered by the Cummins ISF engines (the 2.8l in the 1051 and the 3.8l in both the 1079 and the 1099), all the trucks in the range meet the Euro 5 emissions standards. In addition, with ZF transmission and Bosch electronics, the new Aumark Euro 5 benefits from Foton‘s industry best component sourcing policy.

Foton New Zealand CEO, Roger Jory, says the Aumark is a great option for New Zealand truck buyers.

“Foton are one of the world‘s largest commercial vehicle groups so they‘ve got great credentials in this space and they‘ve produced a range of Light Duty Trucks that are quite simply compelling value when compared to the competition”.

The Aumark is available nationwide from Foton New Zealand.