Foton‘s Auhawk R wins 2021 Chinese Truck of the Year award

3 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineDecember 3, 2020

Foton‘s Auhawk R has been named Chinese Truck of the Year (CToY) 2021 during the fifth International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition in Guangzhou, China. 

The award was announced by the president of CToY jury Yu Jing, and was handed to Gu Dehua, vice president of Foton Motor. Gianenrico Griffini, president of the International Truck Of the Year (ITOY) jury from Italy, and two jury members from South Africa and Germany, also congratulated Foton Auhawk on the win via video.

As a new truck generation developed on a new platform, Auhawk R has made many improvements such as the cab, power transmission, intelligence and light weight, to keep up with China‘s latest strict road regulations. Since the introduction of toll-by-axle policy in January this year, China has abolished manual weighing of trucks and is charging tolls based on how many axles they have. The jury confirmed that Auhawk R could reduce TCO as these 2-axle trucks‘ gross vehicle mass reach 18 tonnes. 

“The Auhawk R medium-duty truck is a new generation of medium trucks developed by Foton Motor. The design integrated European standards with China‘s new regulatory requirements and new market demands. With its beautiful appearance, optimised structure, intelligent, safe, comfortable and reliable first-class configuration, it provides us with excellent driving experience and sets a new benchmark for the Chinese truck market,” says Jing.

The Chinese Truck of The Year award was founded by China‘s Commercial Vehicle magazine in 2015. The main task of the jury is to each year present the annual award to the truck launched in the previous 12 months, made by a Chinese manufacturer, which ‘makes the greatest contribution to the development of transport of goods by road in those countries involved in the election‘. 

On the basis of introducing the sophisticated experience of the European ITOY award, CToY also combines the actual situation of road transportation in China and the development level of China‘s Commercial Vehicle products.

With the growth of the truck market, Chinese truck manufacturers have continuously launched new trucks to keep up with the latest policies, regulations and consumer demand this year, leading to an increase in consumer logistics and infrastructure investment.

The boost of truck sales also provides consumers with a variety of brands and trucks to choose from. Therefore, when judging nominees for CToY 2021, the jury members not only consider the technical value of the trucks, but also pay attention to selecting the trucks with good quality and market application for consumers.