Fuel Cards best bet for savings

In April 2023, Features4 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineMay 28, 2023

With the cost of living at an all-time high, soaring prices at the pump are a challenge facing all fleet operators.

Fuel is one of the biggest costs for a transport business; higher fuel prices can take a serious chunk of your revenue.

Using a fuel card to manage your fleet’s petrol and diesel expenses can provide many benefits to help manage those expenses and keep your costs down.

But which fuel card is best for your business? The Z Business fuel card was named the winner of the 2022 Canstar Blue Best Small Business Fuel Card.

Z Business fuel cards add a lot of value to your business, offering consistent discounts across more than 550 locations around the country, and can be used at all Z, Caltex and Challenge service stations and truck stops.

Rachel Clarke, commercial manager for traffic management business at Chevron Traffic Services, says refuelling with the Z Business fuel cards makes managing Chevron’s 250 staff a lot easier.

“The Z Business fuel card allows our crew to get in and out seamlessly. It’s a quick transition, and we can get out on the road fast,” she says.

“The benefit that we get with the Z Business fuel partnership is the value for the consumption we use. Compared with other fuel providers, Z always comes out on top.”

When you fill up with Z Business, you’ll get a discount on all fuel, at all locations, at all times. You’ll receive convenient fortnightly or monthly invoices detailing savings by card, plus total fuel savings, as well as generous credit terms of up to 40 days’ credit on all spend, including fuel and in-store purchases. There are no hidden costs and no transaction fees on Z Business purchases.

Toni Lilley, accounts manager at Legacy Construction, says the Z Business fuel partnership allows Legacy to easily manage its accounts and track expenses.

“We have a fleet of about 100 vehicles that range from big trucks to utes and vans, along with passenger vehicles,” says Toni.

“Our team loves the Z online management tool because if one of the guys loses their card, we can log in, cancel and replace the card, and access any invoices as we need them,” she says.

“It does everything we need. It just works, and we don’t even have to think about it.”

Z Business fuel card offers

• Consistent discounts
Regardless of the fuel you purchase or the location, you’ll always get a discount on every litre.

• More locations
Z Business fuel cards can be used at Z, Caltex and Challenge stations. That’s more than 550 locations nationwide.

• Flybuys or Airpoints
Z Business is the only fuel programme in New Zealand to reward fuel spend with a choice of either Flybuys or Airpoints Dollars (one Flybuys per 20L/one Airpoints Dollar per 100L) at all Z and Caltex service stations.

• Easy online administration
Check your account online at any time.

• View detailed spend history
Add, edit or remove fuel cards.

• Access to a range of easy-to-read reports
Save time on invoicing with automated Xero feed. Optional odometer reading enables accurate monitoring of fuel consumption.

• Security
All transactions verified by a four-digit PIN. Company discounts kept private and not shown on fuel receipts. Set custom controls to allow or limit employee spend.

• Credit
Enjoy up to 40 days of credit on all spend, including fuel and in-store purchases.

*Terms and conditions apply, see z.co.nz/trucking