Giant knuckle boom crane arrives in New Zealand

4 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineMarch 8, 2018

Owner Ross McFaul with ‘Jock‘ the PK200002L SH knuckle boom crane.

The only crane of its type in the Southern Hemisphere, the PK200002L SH knuckle boom crane, will be on display at the TMC Trailers Trucking Industry Show 2018 in Christchurch on March 9 and 10.

The $1million machine is the largest knuckle boom crane produced by Palfinger. Its 50-metre reach and ability to work in confined spaces are just two reasons for its well-earned international reputation.

Ross McFaul, owner of Southland-based Hire Frankton Ltd that purchased the crane, has been involved in the hire industry for more than a decade. Having seen how the market has changed with trucks needing extra axles to carry the heavier cranes and bigger loads because of the need for greater lifting capacity and versatility, he decided to get the biggest knuckle boom crane on the market.

“For a crane of this size and reach it is remarkably quick and efficient to set up. For example, we can set up on the side of the road or in narrow spaces between buildings with no disruption to traffic flow, no requirement for elaborate traffic management plans, but with a safe and efficient result.

“I could park this crane on the goal line of a rugby field and it could pick up a 500kg weight near halfway with the boom configured parallel to the ground. That is its reach,” he says.


The PK200002L SH knuckle boom crane can reach over tall buildings, as well as through with a reach of almost 50m.

The crane‘s extension boom and fly-jib have a reverse linkage system that can reach through low door openings and work inside a building. The boom can even pass right through a building to operate on the other side. Its versatility is amazing, and it is so easy to operate.

“The PK200002L SH, or Jock as we call the crane, is operated with the Palcom 7 remote control. All safety features of the crane can be monitored from the remote control,” he says.

It‘s a bird‘s eye view from the top of the PK200002L SH knuckle boom crane.

The crane was built in Austria at Palfinger where it was fitted and tested. McFaul and Duncan Phillips (general manager Goughs Palfinger) underwent training and handover in Austria.  The Gough Group owns the Palfinger dealership for New Zealand and Australia, and once landed in New Zealand the crane was checked out at Gough Palfinger in Christchurch.

“Getting the PK200002 onto New Zealand roads was not a straightforward task and I must thank staff at the NZ Transport Authority, who have helped immensely on this project, as there was an initial concern that this crane might be too big for our roads.”

Initially the PK200002 will be based in Christchurch concentrating on construction rebuild work, maintenance and repair work, installation of new plant and possibly wind farm blade repair work.  Adding to the crane‘s versatility, it can be moved easily about the country as work dictates.