Go team!

In Newsletter Editorial2 MinutesBy Gavin MyersJuly 7, 2023

Among the things that never cease to amaze me are the ability of kids to bring people together, and the generosity of this industry when called upon. Over the past week those two phenomena have come together following a parent’s wish to give their son, Ollie, an eighth birthday present to remember.

What started as an appeal for a quick ride in one truck has snowballed into a convoy that one boy and his family will never forget. The call was rallied by Hart Haulage, arguably one of the most appropriate companies to do so, and in this week the industry has done what it does like few others can – heard the call, come together, and dived in full of enthusiasm and commitment.

Having followed the continual development of the convoy on social media and our team having been in touch with Barry Hart this week, that’s even more commendable when you consider those who picked up the call have pulled together this spectacular event in just one week while running their own day-to-day operations.

It’s a fantastic reminder of the power of community, and reminds us just what trucking really is all about – people.

To the team at Hart Haulage, everyone doing their part for Ollie, and to the multiple dozens of truckies who will be there with their trucks on Sunday, give yourselves a pat on the back. Good on ya, team!

We can’t wait to join you on Sunday. And, most importantly, happy birthday Ollie!

Those wishing to watch the convoy on Sunday 9 July can follow the route along Pardoa Blvd in Chartwell, from where it’ll leave at around 11:10, before it will head towards SH1 then south towards Cambridge.

Listen to our chat with Barry Hart on Trucking Radio 24/7 and check out Hart Haulage’s Facebook page for updates and details.

Take care out there,

Gavin Myers