GOOD ON YA MATE – Marking the way

In Good On Ya Mate1 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineNovember 9, 2017

Mark Simon took time out to help a fellow truckie unfamiliar with the road
he was on get to where he needed to be. Old school integrity. Good On Ya Mate. 

New Zealand Trucking magazine received a message from Daniel Bennett saying a few weeks back he was in Hastings midway through a Tauranga – Hastings – Tauranga overnight run, when news came through that SH5 had been closed due to an accident.

Daniel was re-routed home via Gisborne, and told us he wasn‘t familiar with the Hastings – Gisborne leg of the journey in particular. Driving cautiously, he was caught up by a Star Trans truck at Wairoa, who he told to go on by as he was unsure of the turf.

Driver of the Star Trans truck, Mark Simon, was a regular on the route and offered to slow down and lead the way for Daniel, letting him know about tricky spots on the journey. He also gave Daniel some tips on the Waioeka Gorge before sending him on his way.

In Daniel‘s words, “Mark made that a much more relaxed and smooth journey for me. It‘s operators like him who give the industry a good name.”

Well done Mark on your professionalism that night. That‘s exactly the sort of thing Good On Ya Mate is all about.

Truckies helping truckies.