GOOD ON YA MATE – Northchill – warms hearts

In Good On Ya Mate3 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineSeptember 17, 2018

This month we have a joint Good On Ya Mate that recognises two transport identities who said yes to something guaranteed to put a big smile on a young boy‘s face.

Back in June Jocelyn Rhind Hira had made a rookie mistake of asking what son Lincoln, due to turn five on 27 July, wanted at his party.

“He replied, ‘could I have a Kenworth truck at my party?‘ I thought he‘d ask for something like a bouncy castle!” she laughed.

Not wanting to disappoint Lincoln, she put out a plea for help on a Facebook trucking page.

Photo: Northchill‘s Graham Redington made a young boy‘s big day by simply saying ‘Yes.‘ 

“I asked if there were any owner-operators or companies close to Pukekohe who would allow one of their trucks to come to our place on the Saturday for an hour or two. I know Lincoln would be happy just to sit in it and honk the horn and have a few photos taken.”

This led to a series of posts between Northchill driver Jo Neustroski and her boss, Graham Redington. Jo said she knew of a Kenworth Fat Boy King Cab and a company that could help out, as long as Jocelyn didn‘t mind the truck turning up after lunch, as it would be working in the morning.

“Luckily after four years of me working for you, you‘re used to my big heart when it comes to volunteering Northchill to do stuff to help out the local kids, eh Graham, so you shouldn‘t get a shock or any more grey hairs after reading this, ha ha!” Jo commented on Jocelyn‘s post.

Photo: Jo Neustroski never takes a backward step when opportunities arise to promote trucking in the community.

Graham quickly responded, saying Jo knew how he rolled, and she was more than welcome to take the truck along. “ We don‘t want any money for it, we‘re only too glad to help,” he said.

Jocelyn was stunned, and said she couldn‘t wait to see the look on Lincoln‘s face. “I‘m sure not only will Lincoln love it, but so will most of the adults.”

If this isn‘t the very definition of a couple of good buggers, we don‘t know what is!