High quality lubricants hit New Zealand shores with new distributor

3 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineMay 19, 2017

Logan Distribution Ltd in Auckland has been awarded exclusive distribution of AP Oil and lubricants throughout New Zealand.

AP Oil International Limited was incorporated in 1975 as a lubricant distributor. The company ventured into manufacturing in 1981 and set up the first Singaporean-owned lubricant plant in the Republic. It now operates six manufacturing plants – three for lubricants and two for specialty chemicals. Today, more than 90% of AP lubricant products are exported to some 20 countries worldwide.

AP Oil is committed to providing world-class premium quality lubricating oils and specialty chemicals to satisfy the needs of customers in various industries. With ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 accreditations, AP Oil has comprehensive monitoring systems in production, environmental-protection and hazard care.

Logan Distribution Limited general manager Bill Clarkson is delighted at being awarded exclusive distribution of AP Oils quality range of lubricants.

“AP Oil‘s quality range of lubricants is backed by expert service and international recognition and we look forward to putting our best foot forward and supplying our customers not only great products but also meticulous service,” he said.

AP Oil products available now include:

AP GOLD LF – A synthetic long service life engine oil formulated with synthetic base stocks and proprietary additives. Provides extensive compatibility with various fuels and after-treatment chemicals, providing effective control of oil oxidation, nitration, exhaust particulates, piston wear and bearing corrosion in engines.

AP GOLD GX-M – A fully synthetic, superior grade passenger car engine oil. AP Gold GX-M adopts the latest advanced additive technology, providing engine excellent wear and rust protection, outstanding sludge and deposit control, and high temperature stability.

AP SYNTEC – A synthetic premium all-weather motor oil, AP SYNTEC combines wax-free base oil with excellent additive technology to provide complete engine protection. Formulated to ensure rapid cold-engine starts-ups at low temperature and provide exceptional thermal and oxidation stability.

AP X-SUPER LUBE – The latest generation of high performance diesel engine oils specially formulated to meet on-highway exhaust emission standards. With low SAPS technology, the oil provides excellent protection for emission control systems, reduces engine wear, and controls piston deposits. When used in conjunction with ultra-low sulphur diesel fuel (max. 15ppm sulphur), the oil consumption will be significantly reduced.

AP ATF M – A synthetic multi-vehicle automatic transmission fluid with unrivalled performance and efficiency.

AP HERCULES PREMIUM AW – Premium quality anti-wear hydraulic oils that are formulated with premium low zinc anti-wear additives, possess excellent oxidation stability, anti-wear, anti-corrosion and anti-foam properties.

For product specification, availability and pricing please contact Logan Distribution Limited on 09 267-2246.