Hino – Brisbane Truck Show

1 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineJune 28, 2017

Remember how a Toyota Corolla used to be a shopping cart and now it‘s a proper car? Well, the new Hino 500 series wide-cab is certainly no longer a smallish truck.

Park it next to a 700 series at the lights and you may not be eye-to-eye with the driver, but you certainly won‘t have a kink in your neck when you glance across. Winner of the Best Light or Medium Duty Truck award at the show, it‘s certainly not shortchanged on looks or presence either.

With GVMs ranging from 16 to 26,000kg and up to 257kW (350hp), this new offering with all the safety ‘fruit‘ and comfort you‘d expect of a modern Hino will appeal to anyone looking to invest in the heavy distribution segment. Also new on the stand was the 300 series 4×4 crew cab, and well done Hino for putting up some hybrid technology; it was thin on the ground elsewhere. 

Winner of best Light or Medium Duty Truck,
the Hino 500 Series wide-cab. An awesome
piece of kit – who wouldn‘t love driving that!