Hino NZ standardises reversing cameras across 300 series trucks

1 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineJune 1, 2017

In a move to encourage new safety standards, Hino NZ has established reversing cameras as standard in their lighter duty 300 Series trucks.

These cameras are ADR-compliant, waterproof and offer wide view high-definition quality vision. They are also infrared night vision-enabled and have the added benefit of a built-in microphone, enabling voice instructions to be communicated to the driver, informing them of any hazards that may not be immediately visible.

Displaying a live video and sound feed to the touchscreen multimedia unit, these cameras will enable drivers to navigate in reverse with confidence and safety, reducing the risk of injury and increasing workplace safety.

“Safety is key for all our vehicles, and we want to lead the market in offering the highest standards to our Hino customers,” said Hino general manager Michael Doeg.

“Globally we are seeing a move towards rear-view cameras – in the USA they will be mandatory in all new passenger vehicles by 2018, to avoid reversing accidents. By implementing this standard in our lighter duty trucks, which are often used in commercial and residential environments, we are demonstrating how important safety developments are in New Zealand commercial vehicles,” he said.