HPMV permit concerns

3 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineSeptember 26, 2017

National Road Carriers association executive officer Grant Turner has raised concerns about HPMV permit conditions being breached.

“As an organisation and an industry a huge amount of work has been undertaken by many people and businesses to get NZTA and local Road Controlling Authorities (RCAs) on board with 50MAX and HPMV permitting, along with releasing roads etc for general access.

“It is therefore extremely concerning to have advice from industry that some people are failing to comply with conditions that are expressly detailed on permits when they are issued.”

As an example, Turner says a permit for Kaipara Districts features three structures (bridges or culverts) identified as OK Crawl Central, meaning the truck must travel at no more than 10kph over the central part of the structure (when laden).

He says to hear that some operators are not complying with these types of conditions is a huge risk to industry collectively, and the practice must cease.

“Operators must ensure that their drivers are fully conversant with the conditions applicable in the permits under which they are operating.

“Anyone found to be in breach of those conditions not only will face a substantial fine, but is also likely to lose any such permits issued, and would also invite further scrutiny from NZTA regarding any other permits or compliance matters.”

Turner says what is worse is that breaching permit conditions puts the whole of industry at risk with regard to RCAs (and NZTA) and their willingness to continue issuing permits to operators.

“The conditions are there for a reason, for safety, and particularly to extend the life of the asset for as long as possible. If a structure was to fail due to operators and drivers failing to comply with such simple requirements, the damage to the whole industry‘s reputation would be significant.”

Turner says he wants to be contacted about any permit breaching actions so he can speak with the operators concerned.

“The same applies to any other compliance requirement for drivers when they are operating on a road, for example posted bridge restrictions.

“I would ask that you all address this issue with your drivers as a matter of urgency as I have been advised that the local RCA where this is occurring is aware of some non-compliance issues and is monitoring this – and likely other areas – on their network.”