Hyzon Motors delivers 29 hydrogen trucks to reduce carbon emissions in China steel industry

In News1 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineDecember 10, 2021

Hyzon Motors has delivered 29 fuel cell electric trucks to be used by a major steel conglomerate in China through Shanghai Hydrogen HongYun Automotive Co.

The 49-tonne trucks, which were delivered in November, utilise a 170kW fuel cell stack, and are expected to haul steel coils in the conglomerate’s fleet in coming months.

HongYun plans to provide operation, leasing and maintenance services for industrial and municipal customers in targeted locations in China, which is expected to be a massive market for fuel cell technologies in the coming years.

Hongyun has further orders for 33 more trucks confirmed with Hyzon.

“Hyzon’s focus is on decarbonising heavy transport – today,” said Hyzon CEO Craig Knight.

“We expect that this initial order will make an immediate environmental impact, while also providing Hyzon the opportunity to continue enhancing capacity and expertise for future deployments across the globe. The steel industry is under intense scrutiny regarding their emissions, both manufacturing operations as well as logistics activities; we are here to take logistics out of that equation.”