Ingemar Karlberg

In Overseas, Just Truckn Around, Volvo, December 20191 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineJanuary 16, 2020

Our international Just Truckin‘ Around is probably the most Swedish one we‘ll ever bring you. Ingemar Karlberg, from Gothenburg, drives a Volvo truck that transports Volvo cars all over Europe! The 66-year-old was taking his weekly 24-hour break at the famous Joost Truckstop at Meer on the Belgian/Dutch border north of Antwerp when Paul O‘Callaghan nabbed him. The highly regarded facility features a bar and restaurant, along with a comprehensive truck accessories shop.

For years it has been a recognised stopoff point for trucks from all over Europe, especially those travelling from the warmer Mediterranean countries to the colder Scandinavian ones. Indeed, Ingemar loves getting down to Spain, especially to escape the harsh Swedish winter.

Today, he was returning from Seville in the south of Spain with Volvo test cars. “My employer, Scan Global Logistics, has 10 Volvo trucks transporting Volvo cars for tests and exhibitions all over Europe, although I have driven to Asia and Africa once also.” Although Ingemar has been doing this line of work for 40 years now (direct for Volvo up until 2013), his enthusiasm has not waned one bit. “Sure there are some things which were better back then, but overall I think we have it better now. I still love my job!”

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