Investing in employee development

In March 2024, Promotional3 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineApril 7, 2024

Professional development and formal recognition of your staff’s skill base are crucial elements that contribute significantly to the success and growth of a transport business, according to Newey Transport.

Paula Ewers, General Manager at Newey Transport, says the company pursued formalised training for staff as a proactive response to a downturn in the industry a couple of years ago, compounded by the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We’re a member of the Log Transport Safety Council, and MITO is their preferred supplier for formal qualifications,” Paula says.

Newey Transport celebrated its 21st year in business last year. Specialising in log transport, the company covers most of Northland and some parts of South Auckland. It has a fleet of 13 trucks, and boasts the largest Mack truck fleet in Northland.

With a commitment to personal development for their team, Newey Transport sought to bridge the gap in formalised training for both experienced and new drivers in the industry.

“Our company wanted to formalise training and development, so our people are actually recognised for what they are doing day-to- day and what they’re good at. Professional development for our employees is really important to us,” she says.

To date, Newey Transport has had four staff members successfully complete the NZ Certificate in Commercial Road Transport (Specialist Driver) – L4 – Transportation of Logs. There is one currently enrolled and plans for other employees to enrol later this year.

“Many of our employees often underestimate their knowledge until they undergo the MITO programme, complete unit standards, and engage in practical assessments,” Paula says.

“They get a lot of pride from putting knowledge into practice, and the tangible value it adds to their skills.”

As an employer, Paula says it has been easy to go through the programme and incorporate the training into day-to-day business operations.

“MITO’s Employer Portal has proven to be a valuable tool in tracking our staff’s progress. It provides a snapshot of staff progress, which enables us to provide the support they need as they are working through the theory modules.”

Paula herself completed some of the micro- credentials to understand the system better, ensuring she could offer adequate support to her staff.

“MITO’s flexibility in programme delivery was super helpful,” Paula says.

“We received hard copy materials as well using the online resources.

“This was really accommodating for the different needs and the diverse learning preferences of our staff.

MITO’s assistance in providing loan devices and improving internet access for one staff member exemplifies its dedication to overcoming potential barriers to learning. “Investing in our team’s professional growth ensures that our employees are recognised for their skills and experience,” Paula says.

“And it helps bridge the gap between new staff members and those who have been around for a while.”