Iveco S-Way NP 460 Sustainable Truck of the Year 2021

In Iveco4 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineNovember 4, 2020

The Iveco S-Way NP 460 in LNG version was crowned Sustainable Truck of the Year 2021 in the Tractor category by Italian specialised magazine Vado e Torno. The winners are selected by a jury panel of professional journalists based on the Sustainability Index introduced by the magazine.

“With the Iveco S-Way NP, Iveco is setting a new reference in productivity and efficiency for long-haul alternative traction vehicles,” said Vado e Torno deputy editor Maurizio Cervetto. “The Iveco S-Way is not only the only natural gas vehicle with 1600-km autonomy, it is also the new reference in consumption with 4.12km per kg of gas. 

“The Iveco S-Way NP combines the technical performance, achieved with a well-proven powertrain, an entirely new cab with a Cx improved by 12% that enables a significant fuel consumption reduction (up to 4%), and features and quality standards of a flagship vehicle that significantly raise the level of comfort for the driver and safety for the other road users. The new cab creates an environment that enables the full use of the space (21500mm free height and a tunnel height reduced to just 95mm).”

Cervetto said it was even quieter than before, inside and out (according to Piek standards). In addition to the many driving assistance systems, it offers new connectivity services that increase further the sustainability of all types of transport.

Iveco has been investing in alternative tractions for more than 20 years, developing the extensive experience that makes it today‘s reference for natural gas in the European market, with more than 35,000 natural gas vehicles sold. It is also recognised as a facilitator in spreading the technology and as a bridge between the different stakeholders as they have approached this sector.

“We are very proud of this important award, which supports our view of the vital role of natural gas in achieving a sustainable long-haul transport,” said Iveco brand president Thomas Hilse. “It is the only solution that is immediately available. It is the starting point on the path to zero emissions, and the Iveco S-Way proves that it is already a reality: with its performance, low total cost of ownership, quiet operation and high autonomy, it provides a financially and environmentally sustainable solution. 

“In addition, we listened to the driver and we designed the cab so that it feels like their home away from home. The LNG distribution infrastructure is developing fast and already covers the main European transport corridors. Subsidies and incentives introduced in different countries make these vehicles an increasingly interesting proposition. We are already seeing a shift in the mindset of transporters, who are increasingly coming to us for natural gas solutions. Most importantly, bio-LNG already provides a near-zero solution today, paving the way for zero-carbon transport with blue hydrogen produced from methane.”