IVECO to produce heavy duty BEVs and FCEVs under own brand

In News, Iveco1 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineAugust 4, 2023

IVECO will produce and market its Heavy-Duty Battery Electric Vehicles and the Heavy-Duty Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles under the IVECO brand.

It follows the full acquisition and sole ownership of its joint venture with Nikola, based in Ulm, Germany.

Iveco’s acquisition of the German joint venture with Nikola was announced in May this year with the Italian truck maker turning its development focus to the European market, while Nikola will focus its operations in North America.

The IVECO HD BEV has a range of up to 500km. It features a total battery capacity of 738kWh (nine packs) with charging power up to 350kW.

The Artic 4×2 configuration will be the first to enter the European market in the last quarter of 2023.

The IVECO HD FCEV boasts a range of up to 800km with a refueling time of under 20 minutes., It can accommodate 70kg of H2 usable energy at 700-bar pressure.

The first units of the IVECO HD FCEV will be delivered in France, Switzerland and Germany at end of 2023, as planned in the H2Haul European project co-financed by the Clean Hydrogen Partnership.

Both vehicles are produced in the manufacturing facility in Ulm, Iveco Group’s multi-brand site based in Germany. Vehicles will be marketed and assisted by the IVECO dealer network, which counts 254 dealers around Europe.