JAC Motors EV Trucks makes official launch

In News3 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineMarch 28, 2024

After teasing its arrival late last year, JAC Motors New Zealand has now officially welcomed the truck brand into the country with the support of two dealerships.

The Kiwi-backed 100% EV and diesel truck brand has been working behind the scenes, completing thousands of kilometres of EV testing on New Zealand roads.

The tests had a focus on city driving and last mile delivery, with the team easily reaching over 200km fully loaded on a single charge.

The JAC Motors range of light duty trucks will be supported by full dealerships both in Auckland by Southern Autos Manukau and in Christchurch with Avon City, while also being supported by its national fleet team.

“[The range is] breaking the mould of traditional truck sales by offering Kiwis the option of being fully supported by a more traditional vehicle dealership experience,” said JAC Motors New Zealand’s general manager Andrew Craw.

“[This is] a great option for some of the smaller businesses that maybe want one or two trucks, and also with the transition to EV trucks and our teams being able to do the heavy lifting for them,” he said.

JAC Motors New Zealand already boasts a nationwide network of JAC Service Centres with support from its 13 locations with more also planned.

The vehicle range line up will include both a 100% Electric Trucks in three models, as well as a Cummins Diesel Truck in two models. The models see each truck offer a range of wheelbases and GVMs spanning from 6.0T up to 9.0T, offering multiple configurations to suit different business needs.

The official launch of the JAC brand also sees the EV truck specifications confirmed with the EV truck providing 107kWh EV battery that allows it to reach over 200km, fully loaded on a single charge.

Key specifications of the EV JAC Truck include:

  • CATL EV 107kWh Battery: Lithium-iron Phosphate
  • Over 200km Fully Loaded EV Range tested around New Zealand-city roads
  • 3 modes of Electric Range Regeneration
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) including Lane Departure Warning System and Autonomous Emergency Braking
  • Fast Charge in 48 minutes, SOC from 20% to 80%
  • ePTO (electric power take off) allows for a wide range of uses and bodies for the trucks
  • 3365mm, 3845mm, 4475mm EV Wheelbase options
  • Two EV Drivetrain options offering 130kw / 1200Nm, and 171kw / 1050Nm with a 2 Stage Gearbox for improved incline driving
  • Electric Park Brake and Easy Gear Selector
  • 8 Inch Touchscreen with Reverse Camera and Infotainment System
  • 5 Year / 200,000km EV & Truck Warranty

Look out for a full report in the May 2024 issue of New Zealand Trucking magazine.