Justin McRae

In Just Truckn Around2 MinutesBy Milly McCauleyDecember 3, 2021

Justin McRae was scrubbing up his CYJ 530 Isuzu when Milly McCauley wheeled up for a chat. He has been working at Sollys Contractors in Golden Bay for three and a half years and has been on his current Isuzu for 18 months. Both of his parents were truck drivers. His mother and father drove for Ellesmere Transport in Canterbury, and his mum also did a stint with Halls Refrigerated Transport. His father currently drives for Stuart Drummond Transport in Nelson.

After high school, Justin worked in a supermarket, moving his way up to management, but he always wanted to start truck driving. “Travelling and being able to see the country” was Justin’s response to what was his favourite part of the job. He said he often carts timber from Nelson to Invercargill and has travelled to much of New Zealand in his time at Sollys.

When asked how his work was affected by the current Covid-19pandemic, Justin said: “There’s been no shortage of work, but it has made my favourite diet of mince and cheese pies and Blue-V a little harder to find.” His favourite accommodation would be none other than the sleeper-cab of his truck, fleet No.4, and when questioned what his dream truck was (other than the Isuzu), he said he would love to drive a Kenworth.

Considering the current circumstances we live in, Milly asked Justin the vexing question, to vaccinate or not to vaccinate? Justin answered, “I will vax if it is mandatory.”

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