Kim Banzon

In Just Truckn Around, March 20181 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineMarch 16, 2018

Matt Smith saw Kim Banzon racing around going about his day in Hawaii recently. Driving a GMC 7500 (looking suspiciously like an Isuzu), Kim‘s been driving for 13 years. He does general deliveries to ABC stores throughout the island of Oahu and said he enjoyed catching up with his customers each day.

His biggest ‘hate‘ is the traffic (it‘s the same the world over isn‘t it – Ed). He smiled and admitted to not knowing to much about good old New Zealand.

Kim‘s vexing question was cats or dogs and he went the way of the canine.

Interestingly his favourite food was Poke (pronounced – Poo kei), which as it turns out is a raw fish salad – go figure. There‘d be plenty of Kiwis who would join him on that we would think.