Last lot of Hyundai Mighty EX9 trucks join Carter’s Tyre Services fleet

In News3 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineAugust 25, 2023

The last of 37 Hyundai Mighty EX9 Light-Duty trucks have now joined the Carter’s Tyre Services fleet.

The trucks are specially configured with Allison 1000 xFE fully automatic transmissions that power both the truck and its air compressor unit.

Previously, Carter’s had been using trucks with an automated manual transmission and the air compressor units used to inflate tyres had their own ancillary engine that sat behind the cab, taking up valuable space.

In a custom arrangement between Hyundai and Allison Transmission, a global manufacturer of fully automatic transmissions for commercial vehicles, the use of a wider Hyundai Mighty chassis version enabled fitment of both a Power Take-Off (PTO) and a high-performing Vehicle Mounted Air Compressor screw within.

Benefits of this one-engine application include reduced vehicle weight, simpler installation with less components and reduced fuel consumption, which halves service requirements and creates much-needed extra space for Carter’s Tyre Services to attend roadside incidents.

“Allison transmissions offer efficiency, productivity, and superior vehicle performance,” said Robert Cavagnino, Australia & New Zealand sales manager, Allison Transmission.

“As roadside assist vehicles, a Hyundai Mighty equipped with an Allison 1000 xFE, provides quick acceleration and ease of operation that assists with response time whilst also reducing the risk of drivetrain wear that inexperienced drivers can cause in manual vehicles.

“Thanks to an unwavering support of Allison Transmission’s New Zealand distributor, TDX, we were able to work closely with Hyundai and Carters to deliver this unique application,” said Cavagnino. “Key to this was opting for the correct Power Take-Off ratio and ensuring the transmission control module’s selectable parameters were set correctly for the air compressor application.”

Gary Carter, director, Carter’s Tyre Services, said it was a better setup running from the main vehicle engine with no need for a compressor-engine taking up room in the back.

“That space is really useful for a roadside assist business to keep spare parts and tyres,” he said.
“Not to mention having one less engine means less noise, less fuel, less emissions and we don’t have two sets of moving parts to service and maintain.”

Jim Rose, national manager trucks, Hyundai, added, “We began delivering them in last year and the last of the current order of 37 units has just hit the road this month.

“The fleet is running really smoothly. Hyundai prides itself on delivering quality, application-specific vehicles and we’re always confident when there’s an Allison involved.”