Let‘s help New Zealand get better roads together!

1 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineJune 28, 2019

The National Road Carriers association and the Road Transport Forum are calling for members of the public to send them photos of poor road surfaces around the country.

Following on from the results of a recent survey by the NRC where one of the biggest issues was the deteriorating condition of New Zealand roads, the two associations have embarked on a long-term project which will go towards highlighting this issue. There are many roads in New Zealand that trucks travel on regularly that remain in a poor condition. Hard evidence is needed to show the government the extent of the problem.

The NRC‘s Facebook post asks for everyone‘s help in raising awareness of this issue. The next time you are driving on a main road or highway that is in poor condition, they want you to take a photo of the damage and share it with them.

 You can do this by:

??Sharing a picture and the location on Facebook
??Calling NRC on 0800 686 777 with the location
??Emailing NRC on enquiries@natroad.co.nz 
??Texting/calling on 0211927799

 Once the NRC has collected all the data, it plans to present it to the government as evidence of how serious this issue is.

 IMPORTANT!!! When taking the photos, please make sure you do it safely and without causing disruption to other road users.