Logan Phillipson

In Kenworth, Just Truckn Around, December 20202 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineFebruary 4, 2021

Gore local, Logan Phillipson, was having a break just north of Gore at the McNab Weighbridge when Craig Andrews decided ‘this guy needs annoying‘. Logan drives ‘Ned Kelly‘, a 2009 Kenworth K104B in West Otago Transport colours. It pulls a MD Engineering trailer running on a 54 tonne permit. The Kenworth, although built for stock, did milk initially before being reconfigured for bulk work. It can be crated up when the livestock gets busy. The truck is based in Heriot and is part of the Road Transport Logistics group. Logan is a relative newcomer to trucking but it‘s something that has always been in his blood.

His uncle, Gerry Phillips, drove for Dynes Transport for years. His whole working life up until a couple of years ago had been spent in livestock processing plants, but a need for a change saw him follow his interest in the transport game. He started with West Otago Transport lifting bobby calves and then progressed onto an Isuzu flea. Then the giant leap into an earlier K104, and then onto the pictured Kenworth. The K104B has around 780,000km on the clock. It‘s got a healthy 580hp Cummins motor under that classic cab and it‘s a truck that Logan is quite fond of. He enjoys the Roadranger, and the Cummins power. Logan also enjoys the variety that comes with carting bulk products all over the lower south. On this day, he was carting bagged super to two farms at Edievale near Heriot. Not much bothers him about the industry but wet days can be frustrating when a chunk of your work is keeping the spreaders within the RTL group busy.

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