Lonny Lynch – Fuita Colorado

In Just Truckn Around, December 20161 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineDecember 2, 2016

Dave McCoid spotted Lonny Lynch just getting ready to kick off after a rest break west of Loveland Pass on the Rockies recently. Based in Fuita Colorado, Lonny and his trusty Pete run under the name Farm Boys Trucking Co. Lonny has 22 years in the trucking game, originally hauling concrete and machinery. In the past five years he‘s specialised in hauling cattle, mainly in Colorado, Utah, Kansas, Wyoming, Idaho, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas (an area eight times that of New Zealand – Ed).

His love of trucks started when riding around with his older brothers who are both truckers also.

The Pete‘s a 2000 model and sports a 550hp Cat 3406E, 13-speed overdrive Road Ranger and 3.70 rear end, giving him 73mph at 1700 rpm. Lonny loves trucking, especially the independence it gives him. “I like being my own boss, ya know.” The only drawback he could think of is the DoT‘s (Department of Transport) desire to never let you leave a weigh station without fining you for something, no matter how small. (How familiar does that sound!)

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