MAN produces small production run of all-electric trucks

2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineDecember 13, 2019

MAN Truck & Bus was one of the first European commercial vehicle manufacturers to successfully put e-mobility on the road together with its customers. MAN is now following up with a small production run of the MAN TGM 26.360 E LL distribution truck. The vehicle is being built at the MAN plant in Steyr, Austria.

Since autumn 2018, MAN Truck & Bus, together with nine Austrian customers from the CNL Council for Sustainable Logistics consortium, has been carrying out practical testing of e-trucks.

The MAN eTGM meets all the essential demands for the urban delivery traffic of the future: it emits zero emissions in local operation, and runs quietly. At the same time, the truck has sufficient payload to cope with its typical transport tasks. The e-truck for medium and heavy-duty distribution traffic can be configured as a refrigerated vehicle with either a swap body or beverage body.

The all-electric MAN eTGM distribution vehicle is offered in a 3-axle 6×2-4 chassis configuration as a 26-tonner with a steerable and liftable trailing axle and four-corner air suspension. The electric distribution vehicle is powered by a 264kW electric motor, developing a maximum torque of 3100Nm. Auxiliary units such as power steering, air compressors and the air-conditioning system are operated electrically, are controlled as required by the energy management system.

Brake energy is recovered, with the vehicle‘s motive energy converted into electrical energy and fed back into the battery, significantly increasing the vehicle‘s range. The truck is powered by high-performance lithium-ion batteries made by the Volkswagen Group that are located underneath the cab on top of the front axle, where conventional vehicles have their diesel power train. Additional batteries are located on the vehicle frame. The range is up to 200 kilometres, depending on the area of application, climatic conditions and topography.