MaxiTRANS to showcase united presence in Brisbane

7 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineApril 28, 2017

MaxiTRANS will be presenting a united front from each of its trailer and truck body brands at Brisbane Truck Show 2017, with a large announcement expected for Maxi-CUBE.

Leading Australian trailer manufacturer, MaxiTRANS, has revealed that it will feature in a prominent new position at the front of Brisbane Truck Show 2017.

United on the one stand, all of its six equipment brands – Freighter, Maxi-CUBE, Hamelex White, Lusty EMS, Azmeb and Peki – will feature in the display, which the company says will mirror a ‘showroom experience‘ and highlight the efficiency gains its products have to offer.

“We are very excited to have all of our trailer and rigid truck body brands – the largest and most diverse range in Australia – featured on the one stand under the MaxiTRANS banner in Brisbane,” said MaxiTRANS group general manager, sales and marketing, Andrew McKenzie. “It will allow us to present a united front with a common theme – efficiency.”

Leading the efficiency theme, the MaxiTRANS stand will be staffed by a number of its specialists in the high productivity Performance-Based Standards (PBS) scheme.

McKenzie said thousands of MaxiTRANS-manufactured PBS trailers have been placed onto Australian roads

“Those trailers have provided us with an immense amount of experience that we draw on daily to create new and innovative PBS combinations for our customers, regardless of trailer type, tailored to their specific freight task.”

Some of MaxiTRANS‘ more recent PBS achievements have included three 34m Super A-Double combinations for Porthaul and a 30m Super B-Double skel combination for VISA Global Logistics.

Photo: Freighter will be exhibiting its latest model, T-Liner Mark II, in Brisbane.

The MaxiTRANS PBS prowess will also be represented on the stand by a Hamelex White aluminium 4-axle dog tipper, which McKenzie said is a model that has changed the industry forever.

“After we started producing PBS-approved tippers, the 4-axle dog has become the most popular model in the Hamelex White portfolio,” he said, adding it is also available in a 3, 5 and 6-axle version.

“We will also be revealing an exciting new option to improve tipper safety and efficiency – but you’ll have to wait until the show for the details.”

MaxiTRANS said its two biggest announcements at the show would be for its Peki and Maxi-CUBE products, with both developments aligning with the efficiency theme.

“Both developments have been in the works for some time and we’re excited to reveal them to visitors at the show,” McKenzie said.

Photo: A new option has been teased for release by MaxiTRANS in Brisbane.

“Lusty EMS will display a drop-deck chassis tipper in Brisbane. We first launched it in 2015, added a tip-over axle variant in 2016 and now we have another new update this year,” McKenzie continued. “We’ll be revealing a new option that will offer improved durability and appearance.”

Rounding out the MaxiTRANS tipper offering, Azmeb will be displaying its unique High Volume Side Tipper (HVST) model. The company says that the sheer size and scale of the HVST in action can be described as ‘awe-inspiring‘. The HVST can unload up to 10 times faster than a moving floor trailer, making it a more efficient alternative to its counterpart. The Azmeb units utilise simple and fast hydraulics, two rams doing the job of three at each end, along with a patented rubber hinge that makes the trailer virtually leak-proof.

Finally, Freighter will have two of its popular trailer models on display, a drop-deck semi-trailer with ramps, which McKenzie said is the ‘timeless classic that Freighter is so well known for‘, as well as the recently released T-Liner Mark II.

Photo: The AZMEB HVST unloads up to 10 times faster than a moving floor trailer.

Along with efficiency, another of MaxiTRANS‘ recent innovation focuses has been safety, both highlighted by the Freighter T-Liner Mark II display.

Released in August last year, the T-Liner Mark II on display in Brisbane will be fitted with the brand’s latest release curtain, gate and buckle improvements, allowing visitors to look, touch and experience the benefits first-hand.

“The T-Liner Mark II is an evolution of the T-Liner and is the latest in a long line of innovations from Freighter, including two recent load restraint gate releases, easy-glide curtain rollers, a non-slip buckle and a two-piece roof rail,” McKenzie said.

Photo: MaxiTRANS has invited customers to come and discuss tailor-made PBS solutions for their business in Brisbane. On display will be is its ‘best selling‘ Hamelex White PBS 4-axle dog tipper.

Further safety initiatives will be on display in the form of reversing buzzers – standard on all MaxiTRANS trailers – and high visibility marking strips around its trailers for maximum visibility at night.

McKenzie also invited guests at the show to view and ask about its innovative new paint process, which hides stone chips.

“As Australia’s leading trailer manufacturer, MaxiTRANS equipment always draws a crowd at trade shows and this year, we plan to set the standard again and get the industry talking,” said McKenzie.

MaxiTRANS can be found on stand number 30 at Brisbane Truck Show, 25-28 May 2017 at Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Photo: MaxiTRANS will be presenting a united front from each of its trailer and truck body brands at Brisbane Truck Show 2017, with a large announcement expected for Maxi-CUBE