Mexican haulier drives the shift

3 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineSeptember 24, 2020

In a country dominated by US bonneted trucks, the Mexican haulier Vensco Transportes recently acquired four Scania R 450 trucks and one additional Scania 450 S truck earmarked for driver training.

“We‘ve assigned the S-cab specifically for our training programme,” says Vensco Transportes deputy director Daniel Velasco Romero. “Since this truck comes with more technology and tools that facilitate operations, we saw an area of ??opportunity to train new drivers from scratch.”

With a fleet of 40 vehicles, Vensco handles transport services for customers such as the leading Mexican pharmaceutical company Pisa and distributor Fabricas Selectas.

Vensco will implement a training programme for new drivers, with the support of Scania México‘s driver trainers. The programme will focus on new young drivers without previous driving experience and unsound practices.

“We always encounter many obstacles in convincing drivers to change their driving habits, the way they operate or simply adapting to the particular conditions for the operation at hand. It‘s therefore much simpler to train new drivers from the outset.”

The training programme consists of five practical and theoretical modules, guided by a Scania Master Driver that follows up progress. The drivers in training learn how to handle their vehicles for the best fuel economy, taking advantage of assistance systems.

The drivers of the Scania trucks already in operation report that they find the truck more comfortable thanks to better suspension. “Hard suspension affects the lower back and drivers get very tired. With the Scania trucks there is less physical strain and work is more comfortable.”

When facing difficulties, some other transport companies in Mexico simply terminate employment for drivers and recruit others. “We, however, have as a company always tried to retain our drivers and the objective of this programme program is precisely to foster a career with us with a lasting and stable job,” says Velasco Romero.

In initiating this programme, Vensco hopes to contribute to higher professional skills and safer drivers on Mexican roads as well as raising productivity with lower operating costs.

“Vensco is convinced of the performance, safety and comfort of Scania trucks, and will be a market reference,” says Miguel Guerrero Robles at Scania México. “Vensco‘s plan is gradually phase in Scania trucks in the entire fleet.”