MIA urges motorists not to switch to lower grade petrol to save money

In News1 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineMarch 18, 2022

The Motor Industry Association is urging motorists not to be tempted to use a lower grade of petrol in an effort to save money as fuel prices reach record high levels.

The association said owners of vehicles that require a higher grade of fuel – 95 or 98 octane – risk doing long-term damage to their engine if they use a lower grade of petrol than is recommended.

“Owners of cars that require higher octane petrol may be tempted to use 91 octane to save a few bucks, but it is a false economy,” said Mark Stockdale, MIA principal technical advisor.

“If you use a lower grade than required, you risk damaging the engine which will cost far more than any saving in the price of fuel,” he said.

“Cars that require a higher octane fuel are not designed to run on a lower grade, and major engine damage could result from regular use. The recommended octane rating is provided in the owners handbook, but if owners are not sure they could check with the dealer.”

Approximately 20% of new petrol cars sold require a minimum of 95 octane.

“The bottom line is, if you use 95 or 98 now, stick with that grade and don’t be tempted to switch 91 octane.”