Multi-ag – 1

In July 2023, Million Mile Club1 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineAugust 23, 2023

This K104 Kenworth started life as CBY454 (now HSC466) in 2004, and was first owned and operated by Chris de Ridder, at the time contracting to Hookers Transport. Chris ran the truck on general freight work out of the Taranaki base. Unfortunately, life was to deal an unfair blow in 2014 and tragically removed Chris from his family and loved ones too soon. To Chris’ credit, he enjoyed the best part of 1.2 million kilometres at the wheel of his pride and joy.

The truck was sold and changed hands a couple of times, settling at Altranz in Hamilton. HSC466 became fleet No.66 for Altranz, towing a new MTE five-axle trailer, once again cruising the country on general freight tasks. It worked solidly in its time at Altranz, with only a platinum Caterpillar rebuild by Goughs needed for the C-15, purely because it was getting tired.

An Altranz fleet upgrade saw HSC466 for sale once more in 2020 with Multi-Ag answering the call. Now in Waimate, the truck mostly looks as it did when running for Altranz – with a few additions: it has been fitted with tipping gear and CTI to enable it to complete what is expected of it in its new role.