MyTrucking announces integration with EROAD

2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineMay 2, 2018

MyTrucking has announced the integration of its job management platform with transport technology company EROAD.

The partnership will allow customers to accurately and instantly calculate income per kilometre in a simple report that combines job management data from MyTrucking‘s system with distance, time and spatial data from EROAD. The streamlined process makes life easier for dispatchers, administration staff and drivers, eliminating paper and producing vehicle performance metrics reports for each vehicle per day, week or month.

MyTrucking/EROAD users will be able to run a simple and smart report (reportable daily) that combines daily vehicle distances from EROAD, and income from MyTrucking. MyTrucking will automatically calculate per km rate per vehicle for any selected period.

“We launched MyTrucking with the goal of making life easier for transport operators by replacing paper-based systems with powerful, cloud-based job management software,” says Sara Orsborn, marketing director and co-founder of MyTrucking. “The power of this integration takes this a step further, offering our joint customers one simple system that combines distance and billing.”

Customers who use both MyTrucking and the EROAD system will automatically benefit from the integration, at no extra cost.

“Our partnership with MyTrucking gives our joint customers the confidence they are billing every job – which means improved cashflow and improved customer service,” says Tony Warwood, EROAD New Zealand general manager.

Until 30 June 2018 any fleet that signs up with MyTrucking through EROAD will receive their first month of use of the MyTrucking system free. Until 30 June 2018 any new fleet signing up with EROAD through MyTrucking will offer the first five installs (standard install only) from EROAD at half price.