New container deployment system gets the thumbs-up

2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineMarch 5, 2020

Container owners frustrated with the costs, delays and anxiety of using cranes to deploy their containers can at last breathe a sigh of relief. A new container deployment system from Bison means they can now take complete control over container movements.

“We have found a way for companies to safely and rapidly deploy containers anywhere. Now, one operator can get a container onto a chassis and deploy it at the destination without relying on a third party,” says Bison CEO Greg Fahey.

Currently, most owners of modified containers pay a lifting service to place the container onto the chassis at the start of the journey, and then pay again to get it lifted off the chassis at the destination.

Bison‘s new C-Lift T-Series, on the other hand, eliminates the need for this entirely.

“Organisations are losing critical project hours while they wait for a crane or traditional container handling equipment to be available to lift a container off the truck. Others are resigned to the fact that the container will stay on the chassis. But keeping the container on the chassis makes it harder to move in and out of the container, and it stops the chassis being used on other jobs.” says Fahey.

The new Bison C-Lift T Series retrofits to any standard height ISO container. It is easy to remove and use on other containers, and has a lift capacity of up to 20 tonnes. Battery-powered hydraulics and intelligent self-levelling software provides a controlled lift and compensates for uneven weight distribution.

“We have given control and independence back to the container owner,” says Fahey. “Companies can now decide when a container needs to get on site, and have the confidence that it will be there on time, at a reasonable cost.”