New course revolutionises logbook training

3 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineMay 14, 2018

Many drivers are caught with logbook errors every year resulting in fines, demerit points and licence suspensions. This also causes problems for transport companies who are already dealing with driver shortages.

A new logbook course from DT Driver Training is making it easier and more affordable for a driver to learn the logbook rules and to refresh them if they need to. The online course is $25 including GST and is available to the driver for up to 6 months after purchase.

Darren Cottingham of DT Driver Training said, “Taking a logbook course has typically meant going to a training establishment and sitting in a classroom for two hours at a cost of more than $200. As the average concentration span is only 20 minutes, retaining all that knowledge is difficult.”

The course can be taken on any device – computer, smartphone or tablet – wherever there‘s internet access and is able to be completed in around an hour. The course material is broken into short modules of between two and ten minutes to make it convenient to fit into periods of downtime. A driver‘s employer can monitor course progress and the driver can print a certificate of achievement at the end of the course.

Drivers are taken through a full six-day logbook scenario and many more examples as they learn about work time and rest time, recognising and managing fatigue, logbook exemptions, extensions and unforeseen delays, using multiple vehicles, secondary employment and under what circumstances they would be exempt from keeping a logbook. The course questions can be translated into one of 104 languages to assist those who have arrived recently from overseas and every question has an equivalent English language audio file to help those with English language literacy issues.

The logbook course is useful not only for drivers that must fill out a paper logbook, but also teaches the concepts of work time and fatigue to drivers using electronic logbooks who must still comply with work-time requirements.

With the minimum penalty a $150 fine and 10 demerit points, proactive training is an excellent way of reducing a driver‘s risk of financial hardship and loss of licence.

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