New EROAD customers looking to increase road safety

2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineOctober 10, 2019

WorkSafe New Zealand, St John New Zealand and the NZ Transport Agency are the latest customers to choose EROAD technology for their respective company vehicles, improving the safety of their staff while driving.

The technology that EROAD developed enables feedback to be given directly to the driver so that immediate action can be taken to avoid the well-documented precursors that lead to road incidents.

“Everyone talks about improving the safety on our roads, and we should be applauding those organisations who have accepted that responsibility and are really walking the talk,” said Steven Newman CEO of EROAD. “WorkSafe NZ, St John and the NZ Transport Agency independently play important roles in enabling more people to get home safely. They are also leading by example through improving the safety of their own employees as they drive our roads.”

The technology reduces time spent on paperwork required to meet regulatory compliance, reduces fuel consumption, and lowers insurance premiums and improves service accountability.

A small Ehubo2 device is fitted into the vehicle, facing the driver. Information is displayed using colours and icons that can be easily understood without distraction, enabling drivers to self-correct.

Many in the commercial transport industry are using this device, with some EROAD customers reporting more than 80% decreases in overspeeds within their owned or contracted vehicle fleets.

The Health and Safety at Work Act places responsibility on employers to protect their workers from harm, including while they‘re driving a company vehicle. EROAD has specifically developed technology to deliver the accurate reliability required by regulatory compliance for land transport and health and safety accountabilities.