New general manager for MyTrucking

2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineNovember 13, 2019

Newly appointed MyTrucking general manager, Gabor Szikszai, brings a wealth of expertise in technology, operations, marketing and sales.

Szikszai‘s previous positions include 10 years at Telecom (now Spark) in various marketing and product-related roles.

“It‘s where I found my niche, building products that people find useful and that help solve problems.”

He also worked for Grow Wellington, where he was first introduced to MyTrucking. 

“I got exposure to a lot of cool businesses in Wellington that I had never heard of, and got to talk to a bunch of really smart and driven Wellingtonians. MyTrucking popped up at the Wellington Gold Awards and that‘s when I first noticed them.”

Szikszai‘s most recent role was with Trade Me, where he was one of their first product managers. He also has start-up experience, working with his brother at Snapper, the country‘s first electronic payment system for public transport. 

The chance to move to MyTrucking and experience a new industry, one that is critical to the New Zealand economy, was a big attraction.

“Getting into a new space really lights my fire and gets me intrigued. The fact it‘s a local business was hugely attractive too. It flies under the radar, but there is an enormous amount of scale opportunity.

“MyTrucking is already in markets like Australia and the UK, and there is huge growth potential.”

Szikszai‘s approach to business generally focuses on three things – people in the business, the culture of an organisation and, fundamentally, understanding the consumer and their needs.

“I‘m really looking forward to getting out and talking to our consumers – understanding how MyTrucking works for them, what their pain points are, and how we can make life easier for them.”