NZ Transport Recruitment: Getting the job done

In News2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineJuly 21, 2023

The transport industry continually needs staff, and NZ Transport Recruitment is perfectly positioned to help its clients find the right people to fulfil their staffing needs.

Transport plays a crucial role in New Zealand’s society and economy. As the backbone of New Zealand, the transport sector provides a range of services to businesses and consumers around the country.

Trucks transport 92.8% of New Zealand’s total freight by weight. The industry requires suitable employees for its varying processes – from drivers, logistics, and management, to technicians, mechanics, and equipment operators.

NZ Transport Recruitment is a refreshed and reimagined transport recruitment agency that aims to help New Zealand transport companies attract staff.

The transport industry offers a broad range of jobs throughout the country. Employees have the chance to be involved with a variety of exciting projects that help shape New Zealand’s transport system, with the major projects offering a variety of work experiences for workers.

Kim Tirrell, the new face of NZ Transport Recruitment, is the go-to person for all transport recruitment requirements – from courier companies and owner/drivers to large fleet operators and the companies that work alongside the freight transport industry.

Tirrell brings to her role strong communication skills, a friendly approach and is focused on working hard to build strong relationships within the transport sector.

Tirrell says she is excited and eager to connect with potential applicants and businesses in search of recruitment solutions.

“New Zealand Transport Recruitment are experts in finding, screening and attracting good-quality candidates,” Tirrell says.

“We build strong relationships with our clients, reducing time to hire and improving quality of hire. We are invested in our clients and very motivated to get the job done.”

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