NZTA revokes transport service licences of two South Island operators

2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineApril 5, 2019

The NZ Transport Agency has moved to revoke the transport service licences of two South Island transport operators.

Winton-based McDowall Rural Services Limited had its transport services licence (TSL) revoked on 15 January due to a long history of non-compliance.

“This includes poor vehicle maintenance, a number of failed vehicle inspections during fleet audits, and ongoing driver traffic offending,” said Meredith Connell managing partner Steve Haszard, who is leading regulatory compliance at the NZTA.

Balclutha‘s Clutha Transport Limited had its TSL revoked on March 6 due to a concerning number of traffic offences, including driving while suspended, speeding, and excessive demerit point accumulation. Haszard said in addition, Clutha‘s certificate of fitness pass rate was considerably below average due to poor vehicle maintenance.

There are 309 compliance actions currently underway, and the NZTA has a guide to formal actions it takes against operators. Following an investigation, the NZTA has a number of options. It can require remedial action be taken (i.e. training), it can suspend the whole or part of the appointment or approval for a period, or until conditions are met, or it can revoke the whole or any part of the appointment or approval.

When a company or person has its appointment or approval revoked it can no longer perform the activities it was appointed to carry out, unless the court overturns the decision through the appeal process. Otherwise, a new application must be made to get a new appointment or approval once one has been revoked.

“Both companies have a right of appeal against the decision. Under the Land Transport Act, every appeal to the District Court must be brought no later than 28 days after the date on which the appellant was notified of the decision appealed against, or within such further period as the District Court may allow,” said Haszard.