One-Coat Wonder

In Western Star, Product Profile, March 20225 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineApril 18, 2022

For the operator who requires ultimate protection for their truck with minimal fuss, a compelling argument can be made for PrimoShield from Protective Coatings and Treatments.

As a clear coating developed to protect painted surfaces against the damage caused by the solvents used to remove graffiti, PrimoShield has characteristics that make it unique – and suitable for the rugged world of trucking.

Peter Dunn, sales & technical support manager, Protective Coatings and Treatments, explains that the unique formulation of PrimoShield makes it different from other coatings currently on the market.

“Traditionally, anti-corrosion coatings use dangerous heavy metals and require three separate coats, including a primer, an epoxy coating and then a top-coat polyurethane. However, the application of PrimoShield is a cost- effective, one-coat process.

“PrimoShield forms a very hard (9H) surface and has a very high coverage rate (up to 60m 2) when compared with other products (that will normally only cover 5-10m 2). PrimoShield has an applied micron build of 5-10 microns when applied according to the manufacturers’ recommendations while competing clear coats will have a micron build of 50 microns.”

This means that it forms a very hard but very thin coating. It is a true direct- to-metal coating and can be applied to any metal surface, including aluminium, stainless steel, copper, brass and mild steel. It can also be applied to painted surfaces, including acrylic and automotive lacquers.

PrimoShield is suitable for any application, not just trucks.

“On metal surfaces, the only stipulation is that the surface to be coated is clean. There is no need for a primer or etch primer,” Dunn says. PrimoShield is a self-levelling compound so the application results in a smooth, imperceptible finish.

Whether you’re talking trucks, trains, tractors or tanks, the results are significant. PrimoShield is non-stick and hydrophobic, meaning it will shed water, dirt and dust, making it self- cleaning. It offers permanent anti-corrosion properties and extreme abrasion and scratch resistance. Even fingerprints are banished.

Dunn quotes a minimum lifespan of 10 years when applied by an approved or certified applicator.

“In North America, another of our distributors and applicators has now coated close to 300 road tankers over the past seven years with no failures reported. Considering the harsh winter environment in Canada, where salt and chemicals are used to combat ice, this is a great testimonial for PrimoShield’s durability.”

On the local front, our most recent encounter with PrimoShield was the Lilburn Transport Kenworth K200 that featured on the cover of our December 2021/January 2022 issue. Specifically, PrimoShield was applied to the rig’s alloy dropsides, protecting them from the lime Lilburn’s was carting on the day.

“We’ve found it to be excellent. It’s hard-wearing against the fert and corrosives. It keeps the vehicles looking pristine. That’s what we’re trying to go for – keeping the image of the fleet tidy,” says company owner Robbie Lilburn.

PrimoShield is imperceptible but its protection and ease of maintenance is obvious.

Lilburns has also had PrimoShield applied to its latest addition to the fleet, a DAF CF. This time, it’s also been applied to harder- wearing areas of the chassis, such as under the deck, in the wheel arches where things get grimy, and to the hydraulic tank and fuel tank.

“It’s definitely working. We don’t have to brush it as much as we normally would. It helps with de-tarring, too.” PrimoShield has passed numerous tests, including chemical, UV, heat and humidity, showing no signs of damage on the surfaces it’s applied to through blistering, cracking, flaking or softening.